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Let’s be honest here…  Your player may have tremendous talent.  You know it, but your problem is the college coaches don’t!  Video is how it gets shown, as no school these days will send a coach out to talk to you, unless they can justify the budget.  Some will say that a game video from your phone or tablet is enough.  A coach will give you, at most, only 5 minutes.

Your problem becomes how to reduce the amount of video to what you want the coach to see?   This is where the services of a professional videographer come in.  Our job is to highlight your player’s skills, in a manner which makes it obvious to the school that they need to contact you!  Not to mention, it allows you to enjoy your player’s game, while we do the work.  Whether your athlete plays football, fast-pitch softball, baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, we can custom-make a video to highlight the special skills and talents of your player!

A still frame of game-footage shot from behind the center field fence.

A still frame of game-footage shot from behind the center field fence.

Screen Capture of Sideline High School Football








                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Digital Media Services has a placement/offer rate of just over 95%, and our videos have enabled clients to go on to successful college careers at such esteemed colleges and universities as Michigan, Tennessee, Cal State Fullerton, Oregon, the United States Air Force Academy, and many others!  Multiple-player and team discounts are available!

Football is a sport with high potential for successful, but only for the right athlete.  We show on-field skills, as well as off-field academics and work-ethic, qualities college coaches are eager to add to their rosters.

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Your player can be featured in their own personal commercial as well, a tool that can be used to capture a prospective coach’s attention, showing more than just on-field excellence.  Being a well-rounded athlete is a sure way to land a spot on the team’s roster!

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