Legal Video

Legal Videography is an important function in our justice system.  Courtrooms, legal professionals, and clients all depend on video as a measure to not only make their points clearly and concisely, but to demonstrate and illustrate actual events, sometimes as they occur.  For results that matter, legal videography is a crucial member of your legal team.

AGCV_logo_rgb_200dpi-1Digital Media Services was certified in legal videography in 2008, by the American Guild of Court Videographers, and have remained a member in good standing ever since.

For results that matter, DMS is your go-to solution for your legal video needs!


Legal video is used in:

  • ¬†Depositions
  • ¬†Activities of Daily Living Documentaries (ADLs)
  • ¬†Mediation Documentaries/Settlement Brochures
  • ¬†Video Wills
  • ¬†Proof of Damages
  • ¬†Proof of Performance
  • ¬†Mock Trials
  • ¬†Evidence of Insurance Fraud
  • ¬†Pre-Construction Video Surveys
  • ¬†Post-Construction Video Surveys
  • ¬†Scenes of Incidents
  • ¬†Courtroom Presentations
  • ¬†Video Recording for Construction Draws
  • ¬†Computer Generated Re-enactments
  • ¬†Video of Remote Witness Testimony
  • …and much more!